FOREIGN run escort agency, ZimEscorts which has introduced online prostitution in Zimbabwe has embarked on an audacious drive to hire procurers who will recruit prostitutes for the agency in return

for a commission.
A procurer, colloquially called a pimp (if male) or a madam (if female), is an agent for prostitutes who may receive money in return for advertising services of a prostitute to clients.

The prostitutes who will provide escort and sexual services to clients who must set up appointments with the sex workers through a telephone call or an email will be advertised on the agency’s website (

Last week Sunday News reported that prostitution has gone online in Zimbabwe as a syndicate of brazen and daring Zimbabweans, believed to be based outside the country, has established an agency to run a prostitution ring and set up a website advertising high class prostitutes.

Now Sunday News can reveal that the agency sent emails to its members, informing them that it wants more prostitutes and is prepared to pay for every recruit made. The administrators of the website confirmed that they are based outside Zimbabwe.

“We are very eager to have the site covering as much of the country as possible but we are based outside Zimbabwe and rely on people registering themselves or if anyone is willing to be an agent, we would pay them a small commission for every profile they refer to us.

“At this stage the site is free till the girls see a real benefit then they will be charged to advertise. They will be charged whatever they advertise as their hourly rate so if a girl says she charged $100 per hour she must pay us $100 per month.